Photography Classes for Teens

I teach Intro to Manual Photography classes for teens on Outschool. My classes are structured to facilitate the student’s organic discovery of working with light to create manual exposures. 

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Intro to Manual DSLR Photography 101 Learn the original science and art of photography — using aperture, shutter speed, and ISO — and gain the skills to take beautiful photos without any automation from the camera!

Intro to Manual DSLR Photography 201 Expand your knowledge of the original science and art of manual photography through exploring four particular genres of photography.

Intro to Manual Photography DSLR 101 + 201 (Semester Class) Learn how to work with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to gain the skills to take beautiful photos without any automation from the camera, and build a portfolio of work covering a range of subjects and themes!


Praise for the Manual DSLR Classes

An amazing class for people first learning about photography and how to use their cameras.

Fantastic class. Fantastic instructor. My daughter learned a lot and was inspired by her instructor.

Katherine is an incredible teacher and I look forward to signing my daughter for as many of her classes that we can fit into our schedule.

I would highly recommend this class. Kate did an excellent job teaching the kids about different elements of photography, as well as some history of photographers.

Kate was excellent at encouraging the kids and getting them to achieve their best.

My 14-year-old daughter loved this class and learned so much in a short time! It's been wonderful watching her get outside and look at the world in a new way. Now she sees beautiful photo ops all around!

My 13-year-old daughter absolutely loved this class. She learned an incredible amount in the 5 weeks and she's already putting it to good use photographing our family moments. She loves the teacher, whose teaching style was perfect for her, and who went out of her way to provide answers and feedback for the students. We're definitely signing up for the 201 class!

My teen enjoyed learning the terminology and how to use his camera. He continues to pick up his camera regularly and is using what he learned. Thank you for a great “first online class” experience.

Great class. Great communication with the teacher during the class. This was a great first class to take!

My 12 year old son thoroughly enjoyed this class. Kate provided great instruction and guidance, as well as positive and constructive feedback. The lessons were well organized, productive, and accurately followed the weekly course descriptions. My son came away with a great deal of new knowledge about camera settings, composition, and light. Weekly assignments given were clear, organized, yet open-ended, allowing students to express their individual creativity. I appreciated that the instructor provided emails detailing the assignments, as well as links to further resources. My son liked the class structure which supported growth in photographic skills as well as time for class discussion. Looking forward to Photography 201!

My daughter is pretty picky about how she receives Instruction. She really enjoyed this teachers facilitation and teaching style, it was respectful and and inspired curiosity and a feeling of safety to take risks.

My 14yo took this class and enjoyed it immensely. He liked learning the technical aspects along with the creative, rather than one and then the other Combining the two really helped him. The class is suited best for teens who are enjoy photography, but who want to take it a step further and have more control and expand their creativity. It was the exactly the class he wanted/needed. Kate is an excellent teacher, she had great rapport with the kids, and was exceptionally accommodating. Highly recommend the class and/or Kate as a teacher for any other photography class.

This class really helped my daughter learn how to take better photos. She started class with a little knowledge about photography and she ended it with a ton. I would defiantly recommend this class for anyone how wants to get better. The teacher gave great feedback

This class was fantastic. My 14yo daughter learned so much about photography, and got very comfortable with using the manual settings on her camera. She sees things a bit differently now, which is so fun to observe as a parent. Her photographs have more depth to them, and her confidence in using her camera has improved tremendously. I am so excited that Katherine has another class after this so that my daughter can continue her progress - she absolutely loves this class! Katherine is a wonderful teacher, very supportive and encouraging. She gives constructive criticism very well to encourage growth and technique development, and is impressively organized! Thank you so much, Katherine!